Consistent, Accessible Information to Run Your Business

Helion AI is a SaaS that generates structured data compounds according to one definition, using the latest data, upon  request.

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Unlock your data's potential

Fuse Raw Data Elements into Information

Helion unlocks the unrealized potential of data, providing Leaders with the Consistent and Accessible Information most needed to run their business.

Transform Your Organization

Helion provides your organization with:

  • Dozens of C-Level and operational KPI’s (i.e. structured data compounds) which can be accessed by your BI/Reporting platform, 3rd party analytics tools, or even your ad hoc Excel spreadsheets.

  • A flexible Strategic Performance Dashboard that provides the leadership team with consistent visibility to selected KPI’s.

  • Easy data collection forms to gather data that routinely isn’t captured in source systems

  • All the services required to administer, maintain, and even customize the tool and the KPI definitions it curates.

Deploy Anywhere

Can be deployed next to your source systems if there is no data warehouse.

AI Optimized Performance

AI enhanced tuning delivers optimized performance based on prior implementations.

Improved Data Collection

Includes easy data collection forms so critical data can always live somewhere and can support other ad hoc data import processes.


Incorporates key data from your core systems automatically and links to a variety of 3rd party data sources.

Immediate Access

Allows for immediate access to data via Excel, Power BI, and the out-of-the-box Strategic Performance App.

Streamlined API

Utilizes a simple API which provides data to any number of requesting systems.

Executive Takeaway

Your Problem is Not Data Access. It is Data Chemistry.

While a Data Lake touts how much data it stores, Helion touts how little it stores.  But it is the absolute most critical data, transformed once and for all into the structured data compounds required to run a smarter Credit Union. 

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